Protecting your data

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Without Prescription Online If your computer, laptop or main business server crashed, or your computer was infected with a nasty virus, are you certain you could recover all of your data?


source url When it comes to safe guarding your information, there can be no substitute for a good backup and we believe one of the best on the market is ‘Shadow Protect’. When a Shadow Protect backup is taken, it captures your entire system including programs, configuration settings, services and data — think of it like taking a photo of your entire hard drive. When the image (the backup) is taken, everything captured at that point in time is recorded in the backup image.

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see url Backups can be scheduled to run regularly, (down to as little as each 15 minutes if required), and while people work (they won’t even notice). Backup files can be stored locally on an external hard drive, on a network storage device (NAS) or to a secure cloud facility for safe keeping.

enter When recovery is required, you can restore down to a single file, or you can perform a full system restore back to the same hardware, or to different hardware altogether.

forex valuta roskilde We believe Shadow Protect and the accompanying free ‘image manager’ product provides our clients with an unbeatable pairing for disaster recovery, data transport, and business continuity.

source link A large number of our clients are protected by Shadow Protect, so why not try it yourself?